Day Fishing Price

All Day
  • This is the price for fishing all day

Concession Price

OAP / Junior
  • This is the concessionary price

Evening Fishing Price

After 3pm
  • This is the price if you arrive after 3pm


The rules are in place to protect the fish stocks and the fishery and allow everyone to enjoy their angling.

Opening times are between 6am-9pm seven days a week, gates are locked at 10pm.


  • Only anglers are permitted to drive around the pool all other vehicles are to be left in the car park
  • Please do not park or drive in the grassed areas next to the fishing pegs
  • Parkers fishery will not accept any liability for any damage caused to members of the public
  • Anyone caught taking fish from the pools will be prosecuted
  • No braid allowed
  • All litter including cigarette butts are to be placed in the bins provided

Please check the noticeboards at the pool entrances for further information.