Fishery Rules

Non-compliance with fishery rules may result in your being asked to leave.

  • All anglers require a current EA rod licence
  • No children under the age of 16 to fish unless accompanied by an adult
  • No rods should be left unattended at any time
  • All anglers must have a 50-inch landing net, padded carp cradle, and a floatation sling
  • All anglers must carry a carp care kit and forceps to treat fish
  • All fish over 20lbs should be reported to bailiff, phone available 24/7
  • Micro-barbed hooks only (minimum size 8, maximum size 4)
  • Minimum of 12lb mainline (no braided mainline)
  • Please use coated braid for hook link
  • No leadcore (please use safe zone/rig tubing)
  • No fixed leads
  • No tents (bivvies only)
  • No pole or float fishing (bottom fishing only)
  • No surface or zig fishing
  • No keepnets or carp sacks
  • Bait boats are to be used sensibly
  • Only fishing from designated pegs is allowed
  • No removal of fish from the fishery (CCTV in operation)
  • No live or dead baits
  • No bread, dog biscuit or tiger nuts (all other bait is fine)
  • No swimming
  • No dogs
  • No fires (BBQs are okay)
  • Please leave your peg tidy and take rubbish home with you
  • Rig checks are undertaken by the bailiff (please do not take offence to this)

The owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, or theft whilst on the premises.